Your Guest List

Your guest list is one of the most important components of planning your wedding. When trying to determine who makes the cut, you must take into consideration 2 things... (1) your budget and (2) the size of your wedding. With these 2 things in mind, schedule time to sit with your partner to start the process, and make your individual lists. Start with your immediate family members, then close friends, then co-workers. Compare lists then narrow them down based on the importance of the person in your lives or any other criteria you would like to use. Now, you’re ready to send out your save the dates.....

Planning Your Budget

When you start planning your wedding, the very first thing to consider is your budget. When you look at your budget, there are 8 different sections that you are going to have to allot money to. They are: Ceremony Stationary Wedding Attire Flowers Reception Photography Transportation Misc (bridal party gifts, hotel accommodations, rehearsal dinner, tips) If you have planned correctly, all of these sections should be paid off completely before the day of your wedding. If you’re lucky enough, maybe one or more parent will be able to pay for one section completely. If that’s not your situation, then you can try to figure out other ways of making money to help. One thing to look into would b

The Magic Is In The Details

My absolute passion is planning and designing weddings and what I know for sure, is that the magic happens when you pay attention to details. Its something that I have found that makes the day extra special and memorable for my couples. It’s like the icing on top of an already delicious cake or that swirl of caramel on top of the whipped cream in your favorite coffee!!!! Some of the things that I have done for my couples include getting a basket filled with some of their favorite snacks for the day of their wedding, or setting the bride and groom table with new china that the bride will use to start her collection. When planning your special day, take a step back and look at where in your c

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