Have You $aved Enough?

So.....You've begun planning your wedding and you even created a budget. Great!!! The rest should be easy peasy right? Uhh, not exactly. You will undoubtedly be faced with wanting to purchase something that’s completely outside your budget. What do you do now? Well, there are several things you could do - 1) Go to your boss and demand an advance on your Christmas Bonus 2) Ask your parents for more money 3) Get a 4th job 4) Start a Home based business 5) Start a Savings Challenge . In this episode of our blog, we’re specifically focusing on option #5. Starting a Savings Challenge. Of course this option will only help if you start it early enough, like at least a year to a year and a half

Will You Marry Me?

If you’re getting married in a Church or other religious venue, it’s expected that your pastor/bishop/minister, et al will be performing the ceremony. If this is not the case, you will need someone to perform the ceremony for you. That person is called a Wedding Officiant. Wedding Officiants are licensed or certified on a per state basis to perform a wedding ceremony. If you choose to use a Wedding Officiant, there are some questions you must ask in order to make your selection. Can we write our own vows? What’s covered in your fee? Will you help us obtain our marriage licenses? Can you do a religious ceremony? Can we personalize our ceremony? Once you have selected an Officiant, a written

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