The Person Behind Elegant Affairs by Pamela

Part 3 The end of my story for now... For the next 10 years, it felt like i was living the american dream - meeting great people, making important business connections and enjoying life. I had the support of my siblings and the rest of my family during this time and that was something that I really appreciated. Then one by one, my siblings decided to move out of NY and test the waters in Atlanta Georgia, which at the time, was very up and coming . I found myself going to visit them from time to time and whenever I would leave Atlanta, I always felt empty when I had to hop on a plane & head back to NY by myself. So after a couple of years, I followed suit and decided to make that move to Atl

The Person Behind Elegant Affairs by Pamela

Part 2 New York was everything I knew it would be - exhilarating, challenging, and fast paced. With the support of family already living there, I was able to make a home for myself and got a great job in the garment district where I started out as an assistant pattern maker, then moved up to creating patterns on the computer. Life was amazing and I learned so much about fashion, clothes and how to put things together to complement my body. I started helping some of my fashion-challenged coworkers with their clothing dilemmas as well. I realized that there might be an opportunity here for a business. Up until that time, I was just sharing information and helping out a few people with putting

The Person Behind Elegant Affairs by Pamela

Part 1 I was blessed to have been born in a country in Central America called Panama - Republic of Panama. This beautiful, multi-ethnic nation that is home to a lot of people from different origins, is where I spent most of my adolescent life and learned to speak fluent Spanish. If you look on a map, it can be found between Columbia and Costa Rica. I am the 4th of 5 children and when I graduated from 6th grade, I asked for a sewing machine because I was intrigued by how easily our family seamstress would create such nice looking clothes without ever having to use a pattern. Well my wish was granted and Ernestine (our seamstress) taught me everything she knew about sewing with and without pat

How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts for a Wedding

8 tips for how to politely ask for cash. Whether you've lived together for years and don't really need to upgrade your home, have a tiny space that won't fit any new luggage, or are working on a project that's getting pricey, sometimes all you really want as a wedding gift is cash. If you're wondering how to ask for money instead of gifts for you wedding, it requires a bit of tact. Asking guests for cash for a wedding gift might rub some family members and friends the wrong way, so we asked our experts to share their best tips when it comes to asking for and handling cash gifts. 1. Use a Cash Registry Website For those more tech-savvy guests, turn to a cash registry site! There are many opti

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