6 Things To Do To Perform a Wedding Ceremony as an Atlanta Wedding Officiant

As a Atlanta wedding officiant it’s very important to perform a dynamic ceremony for the bride and groom. It's important for the bride and to feel special on the most important day of their life. Performing the ceremony is not only standing in front of guests and having the couple repeat their vows, or blessing the ring and declaring them Mr and Mrs. Here are 6 quick tips for getting ready to perform a wedding ceremony: 1. Are the bride & groom ready? 2. Are family members are sitting in the first row? 3. Is your microphone connected? 4. Are all legal documents in order and in the building? 5. Are the rings in the building? 6. Does everyone involved in the ceremony know their role? If you ha

Selecting A Venue for your Wedding

There are plenty of questions to answer when selecting a suitable venue. Should you have a destination wedding, or tie the knot closer to home? Maybe you always had your heart set on a beautiful church, or perhaps having the party in your own backyard? Wherever you choose to have your wedding, the venue and time of year are two of the first things you need to secure. Number of Guests The venue you choose is dependent on the size of wedding you plan to host. If you’re planning on having an intimate gathering of 50 guests, it probably isn’t too wise to look at venues that can cater for 300, and vice versa. You don’t need to have your guest list set in stone, just an idea of the number of gue

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