Planning Your Budget

When you start planning your wedding, the very first thing to consider is your budget. When you look at your budget, there are 8 different sections that you are going to have to allot money to. They are:

  1. Ceremony

  2. Stationary

  3. Wedding Attire

  4. Flowers

  5. Reception

  6. Photography

  7. Transportation

  8. Misc (bridal party gifts, hotel accommodations, rehearsal dinner, tips)

If you have planned correctly, all of these sections should be paid off completely before the day of your wedding. If you’re lucky enough, maybe one or more parent will be able to pay for one section completely. If that’s not your situation, then you can try to figure out other ways of making money to help. One thing to look into would be to sign up for focus groups. Depending on the company and product, focus groups customarily pay at least $100 for your time.

What else can you think to do to make extra money to finance your wedding? I’m sure you will find that there are many different things out there if you think outside the box!!

Let's get started.....

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