Have You $aved Enough?

So.....You've begun planning your wedding and you even created a budget. Great!!! The rest should be easy peasy right? Uhh, not exactly.

You will undoubtedly be faced with wanting to purchase something that’s completely outside your budget. What do you do now? Well, there are several things you could do -

1) Go to your boss and demand an advance on your Christmas Bonus

2) Ask your parents for more money

3) Get a 4th job

4) Start a Home based business

5) Start a Savings Challenge .

In this episode of our blog, we’re specifically focusing on option #5.

Starting a Savings Challenge. Of course this option will only help if you start it early enough, like at least a year to a year and a half before your wedding date.

So what exactly is a Savings Challenge?

A savings challenge is an easy way to save money that you would have normally spent without even thinking about what you’re spending it on.

There are so many out right now it could make your head spin. There’s the $5 Challenge where you put away all $5 bills left in your wallet at the end of the day. There’s the 30 Day Challenge where you put away the amount that corresponds to the date of the month. There’s the 52 Week Challenge where you’re putting away the amount corresponding to the number of the week in the year. One more is the Envelope Challenge. With this one, you take 100 envelopes (or whatever amount you want to start with). Then you put a number on each envelope 1 - 100. Then whenever you have the amount of money on any one of the envelopes, you put that amount in the envelope, seal it, then put it some place where you can’t touch it or won’t be tempted to spend it.

To get a hand out of some of these challenges, you can find them in the files section of my Facebook group here ==> Savings Challenge

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