This month let's practice "Being" Love!

I want to share a story with you about a bride who had a less than loving experience in one of the Wedding Groups on Facebook, and how it turned into a triumphant situation, thanks in part to some very loving human beings.

On February 8th, one of the brides in the group, we'll call her Melanie, had a mishap with her wedding dress. Because her wedding was a short 2 days away, she quickly purchased another dress with whatever funds she had available. The dress was a very simple jacquard print. After purchasing the gown, Melanie asked the group for their opinion about the dress. This is where , I am ashamed to say, the story started to head down a very dark road. The responses she received were extremely ugly and very unbecoming of women who could so very easily be thrown into a similar situation. I was so hurt reading the comments made regarding the look of the dress. I thought "what's going on here? where is our humanity?"

Thankfully, there was an Angel in the group by the name of Alison Scaife, who was also affected by the mean comments, and who luckily lived in the same country as the bride (United Kingdom), and was able to come to the rescue and get Melanie a better dress for her wedding on Saturday (today).


And with that, more Angels started coming to Melanie's rescue. Another one of those Angels was Caroline from Sparklejust4us in the UK. She gifted Melanie with a set of wedding flutes.

It warmed my heart to see that there are still kind people in the world that are willing to "Be" Love.

Let's not forget....we are Human Beings...Let's make an effort to Be Love!!

Congratulations Melanie!!!

"Where there is Love there is life” Mahatma Gandhi

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