Tuxedo Talk...Rent or Buy?

This is an age old dilema. Should you buy your tuxedo for your wedding, or should you rent it? Owning a tuxedo sounds like a crowning achievement, but renting a tuxedo has its benefits too, provided the tuxedo fits.

Purchasing a tux means you can tailor it to fit your body perfectly, but if your body changes, you may push your tuxedo beyond its sizing. Then there are the tailoring costs. While simple alterations like a pant hem or a sleeve adjustment are relatively minor investments, having the waist of your tux jacket or pants taken in or let out, can be costly.

A fully-canvassed, merino wool tuxedo is likely to run upward of $1,200. When you add in the cost of alterations, you might find that you could have rented a lot of tuxedos for a lot less money. And if you don’t wear a tuxedo more than once a year, your purchased tux may not get enough use to justify the expense—to say nothing of changing style trends and your own evolving taste.

When you rent a tuxedo, you have options. Purchasing a tux means one lapel shape, one color, one button closure style for a lot of different events. This isn’t to say you should never buy a tuxedo, but too often, renting gets a bad reputation because of cheap, poorly made rental suits. If the tux actually fits, renting can look pretty good.

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