The Person Behind Elegant Affairs by Pamela

Part 1

I was blessed to have been born in a country in Central America called Panama - Republic of Panama. This beautiful, multi-ethnic nation that is home to a lot of people from different origins, is where I spent most of my adolescent life and learned to speak fluent Spanish. If you look on a map, it can be found between Columbia and Costa Rica.

I am the 4th of 5 children and when I graduated from 6th grade, I asked for a sewing machine because I was intrigued by how easily our family seamstress would create such nice looking clothes without ever having to use a pattern. Well my wish was granted and Ernestine (our seamstress) taught me everything she knew about sewing with and without patterns. This sparked my interest in fashion design, after I graduated from HS in Panama, I attended Bauder Fashion College in Miami, FL.

After I graduated from Bauder, I immediately moved to NY to work on my dream of becoming a fashion designer. NY has always been one of the fashion capitals of the world and I knew that I would find success there.


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