The Person Behind Elegant Affairs by Pamela

Part 2

New York was everything I knew it would be - exhilarating, challenging, and fast paced. With the support of family already living there, I was able to make a home for myself and got a great job in the garment district where I started out as an assistant pattern maker, then moved up to creating patterns on the computer. Life was amazing and I learned so much about fashion, clothes and how to put things together to complement my body. I started helping some of my fashion-challenged coworkers with their clothing dilemmas as well. I realized that there might be an opportunity here for a business. Up until that time, I was just sharing information and helping out a few people with putting certain pieces together to best fit their body. There had to be some other people out there who would appreciate my assistance in this way and wouldn't mind paying for it. That's when PEH Professional Image Consultants was born. I found my passion helping plus-sized women and men dress to highlight their best features. It was an amazing ride, speaking in front of different organizations like Ladies Who Launch & Dressed For Success. After 2 years, I won the Association of Image Consultants International - Rising Star Award, which is given to a new member who has achieved accelerated success as a newcomer to the field. Only one award is given every year, and I won it!! That was huge and it let me know that I was on my right path to success.

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