The Person Behind Elegant Affairs by Pamela

Part 3

The end of my story for now...

For the next 10 years, it felt like i was living the american dream - meeting great people, making important business connections and enjoying life. I had the support of my siblings and the rest of my family during this time and that was something that I really appreciated. Then one by one, my siblings decided to move out of NY and test the waters in Atlanta Georgia, which at the time, was very up and coming . I found myself going to visit them from time to time and whenever I would leave Atlanta, I always felt empty when I had to hop on a plane & head back to NY by myself. So after a couple of years, I followed suit and decided to make that move to Atlanta myself.

Living in Atlanta was very different from living in NY, and the biggest difference was that my business wasn't thriving like it did in NY because I didn't have all of the support from the various organizations that I had access to in NY, but I pressed on. I loved my new house and I also enjoyed entertaining. Holiday dinners were always at my house and I got a rush helping my family and new friends plan their parties and baby showers. I would do it so often, that one day I realized that this is my new business......And that is how Elegant Affairs by Pamela was born :)

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