Here Are 3 Engagement Trends We Love

Thanksgiving was the beginning of “engagement season”. From now until Valentine’s Day, many couples will get engaged…and here are the kind of “proposal stories” we’re hoping to hear a lot of this season.

1. More women getting involved in the proposal.

Lately we’ve been seeing more women propose to their guys and/or buy them engagement rings, and we hope this trend continues to grow! First, because the whole “waiting for a proposal” thing is downright torturous for a lot of women…but also because planning a proposal and buying a ring is downright fun, and too many women are missing out! (Not sure you are comfortable proposing to a guy? Consider the idea of proposing back — i.e. planning your own special date night and presenting him with a ring in the weeks after he proposes to you.)

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2. More low-key proposals.

There’s nothing wrong with a flash mob proposal, but a proposal isn’t a competition. Rather than trying to create the most over-the-top, totally-gonna-go-viral proposal spectacle imaginable, maybe some couples just want to do something a little more…chill. And if that’s your thing, you shouldn’t have to worry that your proposal isn’t “good enough.” In the past couple of years, we’ve seen more and more couples skipping some of traditional aspects of weddings and opting for authentic and meaningful weddings instead, and we expect to see more couples choosing small, private, and meaningful engagements in 2018.

3. More couples thinking beyond the ring.

While some women love jewelry and are super excited about the idea of a shiny new ring as an engagement gift, there are plenty of women who aren’t crazy about it. But there’s no rule that says a ring has to accompany a proposal! We’d like to see more couples embracing non-traditional engagement gifts that feel right to them. Whether it’s a down payment on a condo, a fabulous trip, or a cool piece of art, the only real requirement is that it’s meaningful to the couple. The world is ready for creative engagement gifts…seriously, who could say no to an engagement puppy?!

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