How to Find the Right Atlanta Wedding Officiant

Atlanta Wedding Officiant

There are a few things that are obviously more important than others at a wedding. Who will be officiating the ceremony is one of these. It is important to research and choose someone who has similar ideas and an understanding of who you are and how you want your day to go - whether that’s a civil celebrant or a priest in a religious ceremony. Here are a few important questions that you should consider when deciding to hire a wedding officiant:

  • What does marriage mean to them?

  • What are their qualifications or registration?

  • How do they like to run the ceremony?

  • Can you write and say your own vows if you wish?

  • Can you proof your ceremony wording before the day?

  • Will the celebrant submit your application for a marriage certificate or do you need to do this?

  • Does their personality, confidence, and attitude match what you want from your ceremony?

If you need help choosing a celebrant or an Atlanta Wedding Officiant contact us to ask any questions you might have.

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