Selecting A Venue for your Wedding

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There are plenty of questions to answer when selecting a suitable venue.

Should you have a destination wedding, or tie the knot closer to home?

Maybe you always had your heart set on a beautiful church, or perhaps having the party in your own backyard?

Wherever you choose to have your wedding, the venue and time of year are two of the first things you need to secure.

Number of Guests

The venue you choose is dependent on the size of wedding you plan to host. If you’re planning on having an intimate gathering of 50 guests, it probably isn’t too wise to look at venues that can cater for 300, and vice versa. You don’t need to have your guest list set in stone, just an idea of the number of guests you’d like to have.

Time of Day

When booking the venue you may be required to also book a time, especially at venues that may be large enough to cater for more than one wedding per day. Before locking this in, consider the time of year and the timing of the day. This will also affect your photos. The best time of day to take photos is generally the hour or two before sunset commonly referred to as The Golden Hour. A great idea is having a morning ceremony and brunch or lunchtime reception. This can both save you money as this time of day is generally cheaper at venues.


It is important when booking a venue to ask about their preferred vendors. Some venues have preferred vendors such as Atlanta wedding officiants or photographers, and caterers that you must engage. Others are happy for you to book and use whatever professionals you choose.

Other Important Factors

Ask Questions:

  • Is there heat/air?

  • How many bathrooms?

  • Can I get in early to set up?

  • Is set up included in the rental?

Determine if you will need to rent tables, chairs, etc. It is so important to ask directly who your contact person would be for day-of coordination. These people have a big impact on your day, so meet them in person! Make sure you double check capacities and ask what “Plan B” is if your ceremony is outside. Determine if you will need to rent a tent or pay extra to have your ceremony chairs moved.

Scout the Locations: Walk around the neighborhood of the venues that you like. Look for good photo opportunities. Take pictures. Have a picnic nearby!

Choose Your Spot: Make a decision about your venue! You should do this at least 8-12 months in advance to make sure you get your perfect venue. Remember, most venues can accommodate only one bride and groom a day, and Saturdays always go first!

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