4 Tips for Writing the Perfect Wedding Script

Atlanta Wedding Officiant

A good wedding script is key to ensuring that your wedding ceremony is everything you've ever wished for, without any awkward moments of not knowing what to say. I'm sharing four (4) essential parts for creating the perfect wedding script, so you don't have to think twice about it on your wedding day. Or better yet, if you are working with an Atlanta Wedding Officiant, you can provide them a copy that you've already vetted.

  1. Introduction: This is the welcome to the attendees and explaining how they tie into the lives of the couple.

  2. Wedding Officiant Speech: This is the couple's love story; short, sweet, and family-friendly to seal the marriage.

  3. Declaration of Intent: This is the exchange of the vows, or the formal "I do's" and legal acknowledgment that you chose to marry this person.

  4. Pronouncement: This is the officiant's declaration of Marriage. You are now officially a couple!

If you're struggling to write a script for your wedding grab a copy of our free wedding script template to help on the big day.

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