Planning a wedding is already stressful enough-and now the global spread of coronavirus has placed every wedding plan on hold. So I am sharing so questions to ask your vendors while making changes to your wedding.


* What are our options if we postpone or cancel or wedding?

*My wedding is more than 10 weeks away, Should we still make a contingency plan?

* What is your availability in the coming month if we need to reschedule?

* What are the monetary implications of postponing or canceling our wedding?

*Will you coordinate with our other vendors on our decision?


* We planned a destination wedding. Will you still feel comfortable traveling?

* What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?

* Can we apply our deposit to a new wedding date?

* What is your availability if we reschedule our wedding?

* What are the fees associated with rescheduling?


* In response to COVID-19, is there anything that the venue will be doing differently?

* What fees are associated with postponing or cancelling our wedding?

* What available dates do you have for rescheduling?

* If we reschedule our wedding to a new season, what are our options in term of ceremony and reception locations on-site to combat the respective weather?

* In the event that the venue is temporary shut down, what is the best way to contact you?


* What fees are associated with postponing or cancelling our wedding?

* If we reschedule, will we have to completely change our menu?

* What is your availability if we do postpone our wedding?

* Will you be changing the way you present and serve the food?

* If the original guest count lowers because of the pandemic, can we pay based on the new count or will you charge us the original amount?


* Can we apply our deposit to a new wedding date?

* Where are our chosen flowers coming from?

* What happens if we decide to postpone or cancel our wedding?

* Do you foresee an issue sourcing our chosen flowers?

* If so, will you work with us to pick different flowers that are available?

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