Micro weddings: Why we are choosing one and how to stick to it

I’ve been in the industry for a very long time and for a while I thought I wanted a big wedding. That is until I started to change as a person. I started liking intimate dinners and gatherings. I also noticed the bigger the wedding, the more expensive it gets. For someone like me that’s bad news since I have expensive taste. When Jeremy and I got engaged we were bombarded with the “I better be invited” sayings from loved ones, distant relatives and friends, and even strangers. So let’s talk about the positives of the micro-wedding! Why are they on-trend and how we can stick to our guns if we choose to have one.

Why small?

For my thirtieth birthday I had a party. It was wonderful but one thing I regretted was I was too busy playing host. I had to watch my best friends party without me. I was called to all directions. I see that happen way too often at weddings. I had a bride tell me she felt like a ghost at her wedding. With so many photos, traditions, and toasts it can become very overwhelming but most of all it takes so much of your time. You just feel obligated to spend time with everyone. With small weddings you can take your time, have fun and enjoy your wedding.

The pros of micro weddings

I think the biggest take away is budget. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be able to afford a lot more and if you have a decent budget it will go way further. Talk about being able to afford a mini over-the-top wedding! Let’s not forget more money for the honeymoon and maybe a house! Millennials are now focusing on buying houses rather than hosting the old school big weddings of the past. Which is why micro weddings are becoming more trendy! Not to mention after these crazy pandemic times it’s also safer to have a micro wedding.

How do I stick to my guns?

This is a decision you have to make with your partner and stick with it. If it weren’t for my fiancé and I holding each other accountable, we would have caved in a long time ago. It’s hard and it can be sad at times. It also becomes complicated when you have a close friend that your partner isn’t close to. You both must decide together what number of guests and who fits into that number. People will try to make you feel guilty, but the truth is if someone loves you, they’d understand. Remember a wedding is for you and your love, and no one else.

Weddings aren’t just weddings but the beginning of a marriage. It’s about your partner and you. So if a micro wedding is something you desire, go for it with no shame! I’m not! I take solace in the decision my partner and I made together. Our relationship and all relationships should not revolve around one day, while a marriage and true friendships are forever. So go ahead put your love and goals first. Take some financial and planning stress off the wedding checklist. Save some money or use your budget to get a Pinterest-perfect wedding you can afford. Always remember at the end of the day we are here to love and that’s all that matters.

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